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Sunday, May 20, 2012

MURALS - door murals - wall murals - window sticker decals - ceiling murals - door posters - floor wallpaper - Styrofoam Crown Moldings - wall murals - wallpaper murals - floor decals - window wallpaper - Glow in the dark wall mural

Need more privacy on those windows or tired of staring at lifeless walls?
Bored with your bedroom door?  

 no need to be  ......  
as  there are quite a few options available to bring those doors, windows and walls and even ceilings to life .....with .....  indoor wall and ceiling  murals and outdoor wall murals.

Transforming a tired space into a beautiful room wont be a lot of work anymore, by using wall murals you can completely revamp your home renovation

 for a huge variety of murals to browse through 

 create a garden with a mural view

Create a view when there is no view, create a window when there is no window, add depth to a boring wall. Change the entrance to your home. Add extra color to your garden, or bring the holiday feel while swimming in your home pool.

Bring the tropical feel to your very own backyard pool.

Boring spaces transformed  into wonderful views.

Also visit the tropical beach theme section for more ideas on creating fake window views using murals.

No windows  ....  no problem ....
add a mural, frame it, and walla ..... now you have a window with a view

add depth to a flat wall with a scenic wall mural.

Enliven a blank wall with a doorway with a view

Visit Murals your way  for a huge variety of murals to browse through


decorate the ceiling with wall murals

ceiling murals

looking up in forest Mural

Decorate ceilings with
wall decal stickers

Another fun way to liven up walls accent with wall decals around mirrors and framed art

Turn murals into pieces of artwork accented within panels

Visit Murals your way

for a huge variety of murals to browse through

Another fun decorating option ..... bring those boring doors to life ..... make the doors stand out, blend or make a statement. There are many color choices and pattern choices. Those doors will never be the same!

glow in the dark wall mural

The Startonight Mural Wall Art has the unique property of glowing in the dark. In the presence of any source of light, only 30 minutes would be enough to be fully charged with luminous energy. Then, when evening comes and it gets dark, it will radiate a warm and discreet light.

Glow in the dark wall murals

Glow in the dark wall murals Glow in the dark wall murals

Indoors/Outdoors window decor inspiration

Needing privacy for your windows? Wanting a better view through the looking glass?

also visit   Creative Windows blog  for lots more window decorating

window wallpaper New Leaf Window Film

Wall Flats are a modern embossed three-dimensional wall tile.

Wall Flats™ from Inhabit® are lightweight dimensional wall tiles that work together through an automatic pattern repeat to create large-scale dimensional walls of any size and shape. Wall Flats work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted sculptural wall.
- variety of styles to choose from - 

Bring those ceilings to life .......

Ceiling and Wall Tiles

These tiles can be used on walls and on ceilings.
- tiles can be painted with any Water-Based Paint -

  • Beautiful Embossed 3D designs
  • Feather Light
  • Easy install (see the video on the left)
  • Adds Insulation
  • Sound Dampening
  • Cover popcorn ceiling
  • Hand Painted

Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers nail-up tiles in three distinctive materials:

Tin Coated Steel – these tiles are very similar to the tin ceiling tiles that have been in use for decades in homes of just about any architectural style. Tin tiles are the most budget-friendly of the three varieties of nail-up tiles, but they require painting from both sides to preserve their timeless beauty. Spray application is preferable due to the intricacies of most designs.

Aluminum – nail-up aluminum ceiling tiles are available in a mill finish that can be painted at your home to match your room’s décor or choose one of the more than 75 prefinished colors that allow you to complete your ceiling in one easy step. Colors range from chocolate to emerald and just about anything you can imagine in-between. Aluminum tiles cost a little more than tin tiles, but are still priced to fit just about any budget.

Copper – whether you’re after the appearance of aged elegance or casual comfort, it may be difficult to beat the look of Decorative Ceiling Tile’s copper and aged copper nail-up ceiling tiles. The tiles are solid copper and just like the tin and the aluminum tiles, are available in over 200 patterns that are sure to match almost any décor. Copper tiles are the most expensive of the nail-up varieties, but they’re still very affordable when remodeling an average sized room.

So you have an ugly popcorn ceiling and are searching for ways to cover it up without having to scrape it because you know how messy that gets.  There are some other ways to cover a popcorn ceiling but if you are looking for the most affordable, easiest and fastest way to do so then Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles are the way to go.

Styrofoam Crown Moldings

  • High quality (Made in Germany)
  • Light weight
  • Carved or plain
  • 6.5 foot long
  • Paintable
  • One person install
  • Glue up
  • Will not swell in contact with water
  • Indoor & Outdoor use

Photography Backdrops
  • Affordable
  • Light weight
  • Paintable
  • 100's to choose from
  • Can be mixed to create unique designs
  • 3D Textures


and browse through their huge seletion of

Magic Murals

Padded Wall Effect wallpaper

visit The Hollywood Theme Rooms for lots more glam style decorating ideas

Ever wanted to transform any flat surface into a chalkboard or a work of art? 
 ... now you can ... with  Chalkboard Contact Paper

Chalkboard Contact Paper

Lots more wall mural - wall decals - wall letters - decorating ideas can be found here

Cloud theme decorating ideas blog

A good coat or 2 or 3 of polyurethane will protect your floor mural.

3D stereoscopic Carp pond floor 3d mural PVC wallpaper
 visit aliexpress and search for:  FLOOR WALLPAPER

visit ali express and search for:  FLOOR WALLPAPER

3d Lotus Pond Floor Art Mural

3d Lotus Pond Floor Art Mural Vinyl Waterproof Wall Stickers

Sea Wave Beach Floor/Wall Stickers

Sea Wave Beach Floor/Wall Sticker

Sandy Beach Floor Decor Decal Stickers

Sandy Beach Floor Decor Decal Stickers

3D sea beach floor PVC wallpaper
visit aliexpress and search for:  FLOOR WALLPAPER 

floor wallpaper bathroom floors 3D sea beach floor 3d mural PVC wallpaper


Steps stairs stickers at bedding inn

3D Wall Stickers Steps stairs stickers

3D Wall Stickers

Steps stairs stickers at bedding inn



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Barbara Tobiasz  25/3/16 10:02 PM
Yes one of the greatest blog I ever seen. I am always fan of Wall Murals . They generally enhance the looks of your room and make it beautiful and elegant. I love all the ideas you had on the blog post. I especially like old maps as wallpaper. Good Job Admin

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tropical beach style bedroom decorating ideas - beach bedrooms - surfer theme rooms - tropical theme Hawaiian style decorating - raffia valance window ideas - tropical bedding - tropical wall murals - palm trees decor

Ever dreamt of living in the tropics?

also visit
Tropical Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Tropical Theme Decor Furnishings

Palm beach scenery wallpaper mural

Parakeet Paradise Comforter Set tropical theme bedroom decorating

Your child can dream of tropical breezes and surfing a wave

Parakeet Paradise Comforter Set     -     Flamingo Throw Pillow

 You can almost hear the lively chattering of the birds when you see the Parakeet Paradise Comforter Set from Pillowfort. The kids' bedding set is covered in a parakeet pattern in colors of teal, green and pink. The flip side of the comforter is a solid color.

Tropical Treehouse Room
The Flamingos Sheet Set from the Pillowfort Tropical Treehouse collection has an all-over pattern of flamingos

Flamingos Sheet Set    -   Aloha Standard Pillowcase  
 Pineapple Throw Pillows

Flamingos Sheet Set    -   Aloha Standard Pillowcase    -   Pineapple Throw Pillows

Flamingo Design LED Lamp at bedding inn

Pineapple Design LED Lamp

Pineapple Table Lamp

Pineapple Table Lamp

Cece Pineapple Table Lamp

Lend a splash of island-inspired style to your bedside table or foyer console with this chic lamp, showcasing a classic drum shade and a chic gold-hued pineapple base.

island-inspired  Tropical beach style bedroom decorating ideas - beach bedroom

Rainforest full wall size mural

Rainforest full wall size mural

Panel Bed doesn't shy away from its surf inspired roots. The headboard and frame combine woven water hyacinth with a wood frame featuring natural finish for a final product that is as relaxing as it is beautiful. No matter where you are in the world, you will hear the sounds of the waves when you rest your head on this bed at night.

Blackburn Platform Bed    Tropical beach style bedroom

Soaking up the sun, relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere, 
sipping a Mai Tai under the cool shade of the coconut tree
 ....... aaah paradise in the sun ..... 

Panama Jack Island Breeze Bamboo and Woven Rattan Bed Frame with Reeded Bedposts

Natural Raffia Bed Skirts

Kingston Reef 6 Piece Living Room Set

Light, airy and breezy.

Into the Wild Wall Mural

Into the Wild Wall Mural

With a surprise behind every leaf, this scenic wall mural lets you enjoy the spectacular view of a tropical rain forest. Watch tigers, parrots and other exotic creatures in their natural habitat, all from a safe distance of course!.

ok back to reality

 .... sooooo the next best thing .... create paradise in your home!

tropical wall murals palm tree wall murals ocean wall murals tropical island wall murals

tropical wall murals - palm tree wall murals - variety of styles at murals your way

tropical wall murals decorating tropical theme bedrooms palm tree wall murals

Bring a touch of the tropics indoors

Colorful Flower Power Party Patchwork Quilt Set

American Drew Grand Isle Island Panel Bed in Amber Finish tropical bedroom furniture

Island Panel Bed Crafted of Maple and Burl Ash Veneers and Solids and wood products Amber Color Finish Available in Queen, King and California King sizes Includes headboard, footboard, wooden rails and mattress support system Coastal style .

Martinique Teal by Madison Park

beautiful botanical for the tropical setting. The botanical graces the top of the coverlet and face of the pillow shams,

ropical Beach Solitude Cabana Door Window Mural Removable Prepasted Mural

tropical wall murals - palm tree wall murals - variety of styles at murals your way

Flamingo Bedding Sets tropical wall murals beach bedrooms tropical theme decorating

Create a leafy tropical beach bedroom or sandy coastal interior

Furnish your amazing tropical paradise with

surfer themed room


Have fun transforming your room into a tropical beach by decorating with
 island theme wall murals.

Transport yourself to another place without leaving the comfort of your own home with rattan furnishings and the cool colors of the sea - who needs to spend money on actually going to tropic beaches when you can just go to your room?

Bring some Hawaiian island serenity to the home or bedroom.
Create your own unique look and use your holiday snap shots as backdrops in your tropical themed bedrooms with made-to-order murals. Create a mural your way!

Create a fake, yet calming and beautiful, window view with your tropical wall mural. By the time you finish the room, you'll be able to smell the sea air.

Get creative with your wall murals as window decorations.

With a little imagination, this idea can work for any decorating theme.

It'll definitely trick your friends!

  Furnish your amazing tropical paradise with 

Tropical beach and resort style bedroom ideas are a great idea for teen hangout spaces! Bring the beach indoors.

Accessorize with surfboards, raffia, fish and tropical flowers. Great theme for boys, girls and teens of any ages.

With scenery like this, they'll definitely be entertained during summer break!

Antique whites and soft blues create a warm coastal living room picture.

Light beige woods, antique white paint, and soft shades of aqua and blue work together to create a harmonious coastal living room picture. Texture also plays an important role in creating a cohesive coastal look - the woven rattan baskets and coarse sisal jute area rug give the space a beachy, natural feel.


also visit:

surfer dudes beach bedrooms
Decorate with a Tropical ocean feel in your summer bedroom

beach - surfing theme bedrooms

Beach wall murals - surfing wall murals - tropical wall murals - ocean wall murals

surfer themed room

For more beach paradise themed bedroom decorating ideas and decor visit,


girls beach style surfer theme bedroom

also visit ......

Hula Poodle by Davenport Home Furnishings at bedding superstore

beach themed bedrooms tropical style

Ethan's island getaway

island style living room decorating ideas

Natural textures and leafy greens create a warm and inviting coastal interior.

Wicker, rattan, and bamboo mingle together to create a summery and inviting coastal interior. Accented with green ferns (both in print on the pillows and as a potted plant in the corner) and a sunny yellow wall color, this space has a tropical vibe that just begs to be relaxed in.

Leaves and ferns create a warm coastal ambiance in this dining room.

Natural textures and finishes are the essence of coastal design - think leaves, ferns, rattan, and wicker. This dining room exudes a relaxed coastal feel with its unique lighting - these banana leaf-shaped wall scones and pendants are a must-have for any coastal inspired space!

tropical oasis theme bedrooms

Beach wall murals - surfing wall murals - tropical wall murals - ocean wall murals

Tropical beach style bedroom decorating ideas - beach bedrooms - surfer theme rooms

For more beach paradise themed bedroom decorating ideas and decor visit......

Girls beach themed bedrooms

Underwater theme bedrooms and decor

Mermaid Theme bedrooms and decor

Swimming pool theme bedroom decorating ideas blog

Pirate Theme Bedrooms Decorating ideas and Pirate Themed Decor

Peter Pan and Pirate Bedroom Pictures Blog

Indoors/Outdoors window decor inspiration

tropical exotic animal jungle tropical decorating ideas

Surfer Themed Bedding, surfer themed bedroom decor, beach bedrooms, Surfer Girl Room, Surf Theme bedrooms, Surf Decor Ideas, boys surfer theme bedroom ideas Surfers Room, beach, faux window fake window, island, surfing, tropical, window murals, , 


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