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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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There is nothing crisper or sharper than a fresh snowfall that’s fallen on trees and sparkles in the morning sunlight.

Bring the snowy winter wonderland indoors and turn your room into your own holiday wonderland.

Create a cool arctic themed room filled with polar bears, penguins, snowflakes and crisp white furnishings and frosty blue decorations.

Madison Park Delancey 4 Piece Duvet Cover Set

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Winter Themed bedroom decorating ideas and winter themed decor

Brrrrrr, I'm cold already!

Create a winter wonderland themed bedroom and enjoy the snowflake and icicle beauty indoors all year round 

Accent the winter themed rooms with novelty polar bear decorations

Animal enthusiasts of all ages will fall in love with Sophia the Life-Size Polar Bear and her cute cub. Created by artists in a socially-responsible environment, each realistic animal is given a unique personality. Soulful eyes and expressive faces are lovingly detailed for a life-like look.

Shimmering snowflake themed bedrooms in a wintery wonderland style, decorated with arctic animals in white and blues and splashes of silvery ice.

Bring the arctic snow indoors and create a cool igloo style bedroom - perfect for those who have always dreamed of going to Antarctica, Alaska or the North or South Pole!

penguin bedding   -  Mundi by Jonatex from bedding superstore

Whale decor here

Upton Home Penguin Laundry Hamper

Get in touch with your playful side with this adorable, penguin shaped laundry hamper. Let his cute-as-a-button face entice a giggle as you pass, or as you lift his lid and toss in your laundry-ready garments. Detachable, machine washable, cream lining prevents clothing from snagging on the woven hyacinth. Place penguin in the laundry room or as an eclectic sculpture in the bathroom, since no one will know he hides your unmentionables!

Penguin with 35 Clear Lights

Winter Penguin Wall Decal Kit will add a touch of style and and Holiday charm to your home, office, or dorm. The kit contains 6 Penguins with striped bellies, and 15 grey and white snowflakes. This Kit contains 21 pieces: Penguins are 12 in. tall, Snowflakes range from 2 in x 2 in to 3 in to 3 in

Baby Penguin bedding-Winter Penguin Wall Decal Kit - Holiday Wall Decal Kit

Baby Penguin bedding - search at bedding inn

Kids Bear Chair

Arctic Playground Theme Kit - visit shindigz

Arctic Playground Theme Kit-winter themed decorations

Arctic Playground Theme Kit will have everyone wishing they were frolicking and playing the Eskimo way. The Arctic Playground Decoration Kit includes:

  • 1 - Arctic Playground Tree Standee
  • 1 - Arctic Playground Background Set
  • 1 - Arctic Playground Pond Prop
  • 1 - Arctic Playground Polar Bear Standee
  • 1 - Arctic Playground 3D Igloo - Create an awesome winter scene with our exclusive Arctic Playground 3D Igloo. This free-standing cardboard prop measures 3 feet 4 inches high x 4 feet 8 inches wide x 5 feet 6 inches deep

    Arctic Playground 3D Igloo

    Antarctic Ice Penguin Animal Mural   search at  aliexpress

    Antarctic Ice Penguin Animal Mural

    The amazing blend of blues, whites and greens swirled together in a winter setting creates a beautiful background for designing a winter-themed room. Winter wallpaper designs as a full wall mural, setting the theme with a large image stretching from wall to wall. This allows anyone in the room to fully imagine themselves in the setting, where they can hear the crunch of the snow under their boots and feel the fresh crispness of the air on their cheeks.

    variety of winter themed wall murals at murals your way

    penguin bedding - variety of styles - search for penguin bedding at aliexpress

    ice age bedrooms

    North Pole winter wonderland bedroom ideas

    Antarctic Snow Scene

    Ice age theme bedroom

    Ice age bedroom ideas

    Fearless optimist Anna sets off on an epic journey-teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven-to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. Elsa and Anna are princesses with a special sisterly connection. Elsa is a magical princess with special powers that will help her to be a great ruler in her kingdom. Anna is a free spirited person who brings out the best in people around her.

    Follow Elsa as her icy powers trap the kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter. This giant Frozen wall decal is easy to apply on any wall or flat surface, and can be removed and repositioned countless times. Frozen fans will be delighted by the sparkling glitter elements on this design! A great decorating pick for any fan of the film.

    3-Dimensional Snowflake Mobile measures 22 Inch and comes fully assembled. Sparkling silver prismatic foil covers a larger multi-sided snowflake with additional smaller snowflakes attached by white cord at different lengths. Make your holiday season a winter wonderland with this 3-Dimensional Snowflake Mobile.

    variety of decorative snowflakes at shindigz party store

    Wild Alaska  Alaskan Animal  wall - Reusable Wall Decoration

    Wild Alaska  Alaskan Animal  wall - Reusable Wall Decoration

    Wild Alaska  Alaskan Animal  wall - Reusable Wall Decoration

    White Feather Owls at shindigz party store

    White Feather Owls

    larger view here

    Create a regal snow ice princess style bedroom with a mix off white, cream and silver. Mirrored furnishings add a brilliant touch.

    Decorating with white fluffy furnishings gives rooms a heavenly, angelic feel.

    Snow princess themed winter themed bedrooms

    Visit Castle theme beds for more Ice Princess decorating ideas

    Celebrate winter indoors with these sparkly, glitter-covered snowflake wall decals. Decorating is easy: just peel and stick! Apply to any flat surface, and just peel away when you want to move it somewhere else. Fully reusable and repositionable! Pair these decorative snowflakes with any of our other holiday designs, or just sprinkle them throughout your home to celebrate the season everywhere.

    Snow queen bedroom

    white bedroom decorating snow queen style

    winter themed living - decorating winter wonderland style

    A white and gray living room shines with different shapes and textures. 

    When working in a limited color scheme, use different textures and shapes to keep things interesting. 

    This white and gray living room uses silver accents, fun ram head wall hangings and furry accent pillows to keep the eye engaged and always interested.

    decor is available from

    Argento Antiqued Glass 10 1/2" Wide Corbett - Pendant Light - polished nickel pendant light fixture features aluminum construction and a single light that shines under antique silver bell glass. An assortment of downrod lengths allows you to adjust the height.

    Ceramic 47" High Faux Antelope Head - modern and cruelty-free wall sculpture features a glossy white antelope head with bright silver horns. Constructed from ceramic.- Ceramic 17" High Faux Ram Head

    Small Glacier Glass White Vase
    - Bring elegant texture and dimension to your living space with this exquisitely styled Glacier vase. The interesting design emulates the jagged look of a glacier while remaining strikingly beautiful and refined. Constructed of resin with a glass white glaze finish.

    The winter season could be a bit dreary and depressing if you don’t make the effort to warm up your home with comfortable winter decorations. Make winter more cheery inside with smiling snowmen, glowing candles, figurines of skaters waltzing around a frozen pond or even colorful snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. 
    One way to really incorporate a warm winter scene into your home’s d├ęcor is with a wallpaper mural.

    No two snowflakes are alike.

    blue, blue blue blue Christmas





    Create a winter wonderland suited for Jack Frost himself. 


    Winter party decorations transform your home or hall into a veritable winter wonderland.

    Winter Party Decorations available at shindigz party store 

    Snowman Face  Assortment

    Brighten up your winter decorations with our Snowman Face Assortment.

    Winter Tree Standees 

    The Snowman Face Assortment features
    a set of smiling faces with fun red hats
    with greenery accents.

    Each set of Snowman Face Assortment
    includes three faces that are made of foam
    and plastic.

    Winter Tree Standees

    Ice Castle Kit

    Ice Castle - Set the scene for a magical evening with this Ice castle kit!
    The carboard castle is rich with winter hues of blue and purple, and is sprinkled with iridescent snow.  Personalize the castle sign with your own special message!  10' 8" h x 7' 8" w.  Assembly required.

    Ice Castle Gate - This Ice Castle Gate will create the perfect entrance to your winter event.
    The cardboard castle is accented with iridescent snow for a delightful winter look; 7' 1" h x 7' 6" w.
    Easy Assembly. Set.

    Winter Tree Standees - Picturesque cardboard standees are accented with iridescent snow.
    Kit includes two 5' h trees and one 7' 4" h tree.  Easy assembly.  Set of 3.

     Let It Snow Kit lets you bring the winter inside without giving off a chill. Transform your event into a beautiful lighted display of beauty!

    Stylish Stretch Tunnel Arch
    Our Tunnel Arch is made of white fabric that stretches between two metal arches.
    Angled 8 feet high x 10 feet wide x 8 feet deep. Assembly required.

     Ice Crystal Centerpiece with Glass Globe
    LED Curtain Lights
    Bright white LED lights are woven into sheer gauze to create a breathtaking display.
    Each curtain measures 6 feet 6 inches high x 6 feet 3 inches wide.

    Holographic Sequin Column
    A metal column standing 8 feet high x 2 feet in diameter is covered in a beautiful stretch fabric loaded with holographic sequins.

    Ice Crystal Centerpiece with Glass Globe
    The centerpiece has the look of winter branches capped with glistening pieces of ice. This centerpiece measures 18 inches across and includes an 8 inch tall glass globe in the middle. Bring the outdoors in with our Ice Crystal Centerpiece.

    7 Ft. Lighted Tree
    This metal and plastic tree comes with over 280 clear bulbs that will illuminate any space with a soft glow. Easy assembly.

    White Fur Tree

    add a touch of magic to any winter wonderland scene.

    Each cardboard White Fur Tree prop has reflective iridescent shine (iridescent sparkle powder applied to tree as part of the assembly gives it this look) and measures 5 1/2 feet high x 44 inches wide.

    Drape a gorgeous silver gossamer fabric over ceiling and walls as a foundation for a winter event theme.

    Radiant LED Balloon Lights

    Place radiant LED balloon lights into icy blue glitter snowflake balloons for a hint of aurora borealis in your winter wonderland. Cut pieces of a snow blanket for use under centerpieces or as place mats on a winter event theme place setting. Add a touch of sparkle powder for more glitz.

    Winter Party Decorations available at shindigz party store

    Mighty Mountain Stage Kit winter themed decorating ideas winter party props winter theme

    Mighty Mountain Stage Kit
    - Climb to the top of the Mighty Mountain!
    Enjoy the view from atop snow-covered mountains with our Mighty Mountain Stage Kit. This kit includes personalized dome tent props along with other decorations to turn your event into an icy expedition. The Mighty Mountain Stage Kit includes:
    • 2 - Mighty Mountain Standees
    • 1 - Mighty Mountain Glacier Standee Set
    • 2 - Mighty Mountain Dome Tents
    • 1 - Mighty Mountain Gear Standee Set
    • 1 - Fire Pit
    The background and floor were created using the following items (not included in the kit):

    • Light Blue Seamless Paper
    • Light Blue Foil Curtains
    • Premium Polyester Fiberfill
    • White Round Paper Lanterns

    Mighty Mountain Gear Shop Kit winter theme party decorating props winter theme props winter themed party decorations

    Mighty Mountain Gear Shop Kit will bring the mountains to your celebration.

    The Mighty Mountain Gear Shop Kit features the look of a snowy gear store complete with tress and signs. The Mighty Mountain Gear Shop Kit includes:
    • 1 - Mighty Mountain Gear Shop Arch
    • 1 - Mighty Mountain Directional Sign
    • 1 - Mighty Mountain Gear Standee
    • 4 - Arctic Playground Tree Standee
    Background created with White Gossamer, Thunder Gray Seamless paper. The floor was created with Rock Wall Background Paper

    Winter on sunny days after a fresh snowfall creates brilliant scenery with glittering sparkles everywhere. Consider hanging a wallpaper mural in your family area depicting snow-laden trees surrounding a frozen pond. Or go for a white, snow-covered path winding its way through the forest with the trees etched in white frost, sparkling in the sun.

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