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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Industrial style decorating ideas - Industrial chic decorating decor - Gears decor - City living urban style - Modern Industrial - Industrial urban loft decorating ideas - industrial bedroom ideas

 Industrial Chic

The time has come when less really does mean more. When quality surpasses quantity. When simplifying brings you a sense of unparalleled satisfaction.
From exposed joinery and stretcher motifs to industrial hardware.

Industrial Chic Industrial style decorating ideas - Industrial chic decorating decor - Gears decor - City living urban style -  Modern Industrial  - Industrial urban loft decorating ideas -  industrial bedroom ideas


Industrial Chic blends the urban edge of utilitarian design with the warmth of aged woods and worn textures. Aged iron and metals with rich patinas are accented by weathered woods and soft neutral surfaces.

Industrial style decorating ideas - Industrial chic decorating decor - Gears decor - City living urban style -  Modern Industrial  - Industrial urban loft decorating ideas -  industrial bedroom ideas

above decor is available from Lamps Plus

industrial lamp industrial furniture

Round out a rustic ensemble in the home office or parlor with this chic table lamp, showcasing an Edison bulb design.

Rustic and designer.

Industrial style decorating ideas - Industrial chic decorating decor

Industrial Modern Iron 22 inch Crank Adjustable Accent or Bistro Table - Includes Modhaus Living Pen

This table is extremely durable and perfect for urban, industrial and  rustic decor.

This handsome rust metal table lamp is perfect for an industrial or rustic style home decor. Makes a wonderfully eclectic accent in a modern room, too. Rust finish metal cage enclosure surrounds three nostalgic filament Edison bulbs while an intriguing base is designed to look like an old piece of hardware.

The Industrial Shop Edison Bedroom Collection - at target

The Industrial Shop Edison Bedroom Collection industrial theme bedrooms

Show your love for vintage finds with The Industrial Shop Bedroom Collection 1. Inspired by architectural design from the industrial era, this home collection showcases the beauty of construction with the perfect mix of function, style and comfort. Its pieces bring together materials, colors and finishes reminiscent of the past. They work well with both farmhouse-style rooms and modern decor. Each piece focuses on the details, from the Edison-stripe bedding that celebrates factory textiles and uniform stripes all the way down to the worn and weathered rug. Plus, this collection gives you everything you need to redo a bedroom, including bedroom furniture, bedding and decorative accents.

Industrial Faucet Sconce

This industrial light is flexible enough to work in a home, retail space, or office. It is designed to look like a water faucet with a drop of water.

Iron Pipe Shape Decorative Table Lamp

Tall Table Lamp industrial style

The North American Country Style Tieyi Chandelier

The metal framework comes complemented with dark oak finished wood panels that come visually distressed for a mesmerizing effect.

Industrial style decorating ideas - Industrial chic decorating decor - Gears decor

City living urban style ... click here

Industrial Wall Clothes Hanger Iron Metal Bathrobe/Coat/ Robe Hooks for Bathroom Accessories & Kitchen

Riveted, Vintage Aluminum Clock Frame Is Upturned Onto A Weathered, Industrial Metal Base In Rusted Patina With Gear Details. Subtle Dents And Ripples Reflect Its Hand-hammered Construction. Motorized Clock Encased Beneath Clear Glass Uses One AA Battery.

Since he was a kid, Graham Bergh has been making things out of found objects. After getting his Master's in Economics and Environmental Policy, he wanted to become an innovative recycling professional when he got a flat tire on his bike and said, "Hmmm...interesting material..." So he got to building creations by hand out of recycled bicycle parts, and soon gathered a team of artists to come up with new ideas and assemble the ideas they had. The results are distinctive accents like this bike chain bowl, which is perfect for keys, change and more. Handmade in Oregon.

Industrial Chic
Never before has the Industrial look been so chic!

Turn your dull wall into eye candy decoration! Available in various designs and colors, these 3D Wall Panels can be integrated into any modern decors, and make common walls into 3D Art-Pieces. Use your imagination to arrange the panels to create your pattern and apply your favorite colors!

Wall Flats™ from Inhabit® are lightweight dimensional wall tiles that work together through an automatic pattern repeat to create large-scale dimensional walls of any size and shape. Wall Flats work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted sculptural wall. The wall panels are molded from bagasse, one of the world's most renewable resources, they are a durable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly product. They can be installed, trimmed and painted with commonly available products and tools. Scraps are biodegradable and can be recycled with other paper products or composted. Wall Flats nest inside each other to create low volume cartons and easily ship with common small parcel carriers.

Tripod Lamps

Inspired by the golden age of cinema, the Monahan floor lamp by Arteriors offers the drama of the studio light while being a classic addition to any room. Crafted of brass in an antique silver finish, the telescopic tripod base and spotlight globe shade can be adjusted to focus light where needed. Arteriors fresh approach to design is matched with handmade artistry and quality craftsmanship.

 The industrial chic trend is magnified by the convergence of a number of modern lifestyle choices: the popularity of the open, airy, urban loft look; an unquenchable craving for vintage objects, a return to home crafting, an awareness of the need to be eco-friendly and the passionate desire to express ones creativity by reusing, and repurposing found objects. 

industrial chic furnishings industrial chic decorating Chesterfield lounge

Bring comfort and style to your living area with this sectional sofa. This piece is designed in an L-shape which will provide enough seating for all your family members and is covered in a tufted, plush upholstery. This essential living room piece is sure to complement any room style.

above decor is available from Lamps Plus

Europa 1910 Edison Bulb Bronze Multi Light Pendant - antique bronze swag chandelier offers glamour and chic industrial style. The design features 8 lights that hang from the top canopy. Canopy mounts to ceiling junction box like any regular fixture. Included standoff mounts anchor into the ceiling, then the light cords swag from the canopy to the standoff mounts and can arranged as desired. Eight 1910-style Edison bulbs are included that cast a romantic flicker.

Densbury Collection Rectangular Natural Pine Cocktail Table.
Add some architectural interest with the column-set Densbury pine table collection. In slat-finished, slightly distressed pine give this collection its distinctive casual confidence.

Miles Havana Top-Grain Leather Club Chair
Charming transitional club chair. Handsomely hand-crafted, this chair features top-grain Havana leather upholstery, a sleek metal frame, and rustic wood tone arm rests.

Moderne Muse Bisque Bunching Etagere

Ultra-modern styling, this transitional bunching etagere showcases a stunning bisque finish.

Pini Woven Ivory 47" High Mirrored Wall Art Set of 3
A framed triptych that incorporates a compelling cutout circular pattern and a glass inset. This contemporary square wall art piece balances soft ivory hues with a precise circular cutout that is sure to enhance any room. The three-panel design also features a glass back for a touch of brightness. Hang above your bed or sofa, or place on a gallery wall, and enjoy this subtle statement piece.

Industrial Modern

Reclaimed Wood Wall Mural

Reclaimed Wood Wall Mural search at all posters
You don?t have to live in a luxurious loft apartment to enjoy the rustic beauty of a reclaimed wood wall! Beautifully constructed, this industrial style wall mural has fascinating depth. Paste included. Comes with 8 panels.

The industrial urban loft look rides a tidal wave of energy created by all these movements. Although industrial chic is very contemporary; it is fundamentally a nostalgic look. It coddles beloved vintage objects, sheep herding them into this second millennium. Simply put: rusty and crusty is in! 

Great decorative piece for the industrial themed rooms

Wildon Home ® Redd Gear Wall Art with Clock at Wayfair
A great décor solution for the mechanically inclined or for those who just wish to be, this clock is for you. With a rugged design of oversized sprockets, this wall sculpture is constructed out of hand painted metal.

Stanley Modern Craftsman Robie House Screen in Driftwood

Stanley Modern Craftsman Henry-Russell Conversation Coffee Table

Get a softer and more livable modern industrial look in your decor. 

  Rustic wood table, neutral tone seating and patinaed lighting soften the urban edge in this Industrial Chic dining room. A cool blue vintage style rug adds a soothing stroke of color.

decor is available from Lamps Plus

Industrial Revolution decor is a softer and more livable modern industrial look.

Bring the industrial look to your home in a softer and more livable way - it's the Industrial Revolution! Adorn your decor with artfully weathered metal finishes and soft comfortable accents.

Portable Metal Wood Shelf

industrial themed furniture

Industrial style kitchen decorating -  loft style urban living

industrial style kitchen decorating -  loft style urban living

City living urban style - Modern Industrial - Industrial urban loft decorating ideas

An exquisitely illustrated celebration of this influential style that is now at the forefront of interior design.

Vintage Industrial covers the period from 1900 to 1950, which produced the raw, functional aesthetic that has become a cornerstone of modern design.

Vintage Industrial: Living with Machine Age DesignThe advent of the second industrial revolution created the need for a new kind of furniture to satisfy the demands of a rapidly growing workforce.

Chairs, tables, lamps, and modular storage were designed from new materials to be mass-produced, stackable, and adjustable to the developing needs of brand-new industries that in turn were manufacturing the products that would define a changing society.

These pieces, that inform a reclaimed style, are now highly popular among collectors and interior designers. This volume celebrates the engineers who shaped the industrial aesthetic as the unsung heroes of modern design and showcases their creations. By discovering ways to work iron and steel into functional forms, luminaries such as Bernard-Albin Gras, George Carwardine, Jean Prouvé, and Édouard-Wilfred Buquet sparked a revolution in the way we think about our built environment. Chapters on lighting, seating, tables, storage, and curiosities - describe the major innovations and designs from the period and include stunning photography depicting these objects in homes, workshops, factories, and warehouses. Meticulously curated, this elegant book is an informative style guide and source of inspiration for how to live with industrial design.

Industrial Chic: 50 Icons of Furniture and Lighting Design

Industrial-style furniture is in fashion - bistro tables and chairs, lockers, mail sorting racks, and jointed lamps are all common elements in today’s interior design.

Industrial Chic, Brigitte Durieux, one of the most well-known experts on the style, tells us the story behind 50 European and American objects that have made the surprising transition from factories to our living rooms and become cult furniture.

The remarkable histories of these 50 significant objects - including the Gras lamp, the Singer stool, the Holophane reflector, the Brillié clock, and more.

no fancy patterns in the Industrial Scheme of things!

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Industrial style decorating ideas - Industrial chic decorating decor - Gears decor -


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Steampunk decorating ideas - Victorian punk rock style creates the steampunk theme - steam punk Industrial style decorating ideas - steampunk gears decor - Steampunk clothes - Steampunk Costumes

  Get ready for the Revolution Steampunk style 

Steam punk is a unique place where love of gadgets, art, and the nostalgia for the Victorian-era antiques meet

Kick your steam-powered engine into high gear   ......   Steam punk is a unique place where love of gadgets, art, and the nostalgia for the Victorian-era antiques meet

 Steampunk Pete photoshoot

steampunk pete photoshoot

 Steampunk Pete in action


...And steampunk fashion styles. 

steampunk pete photoshoot

steampunk pete

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science ... and speculative fiction ... featuring elements of fantasy ... came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. ... set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used — usually the 19th century, and often Victorian era England — but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions ... or real technological developments. Other examples of steampunk contain alternate history-style presentations of "the path not taken" of such technology as dirigibles, analog computers, or digital mechanical computers ... these frequently are presented in an idealized light, or with a presumption of functionality.
(Source: Wikipedia) 

Steampunk Wall Light

Steampunk Wall Light

This industrial light is flexible enough to work in a home, retail space, or office.

It makes a serious statement with it's steampunk style and unique pipe configuration.

It has round wall mounts that attach it securely in place.

Electrical cord comes out the bottom right foot on wall.

Steampunk Cogwheels Queen Duvet

Steampunk Cogwheels Queen Duvet

variety of patterns and sizes 

browse steampunk bedding at cafepress

Steampunk Queen Duvet

Steampunk duvets

variety of patterns and sizes 

Flowers And Gears Brown Queen Duvet

Flowers And Gears Brown Queen Duvet

variety of patterns and sizes 

browse steampunk bedding at cafepress


Steampunk wall tapestry - all posters

If you didn't read the above, then steampunk (in decorating terms) can also be referred to as old world Victorian vintage style mixed with retro futuristic decor.

They often include natural materials - antiqued brass, copper and metal, and often things like leather and lace, gears and watch parts and exposed copper plumbing.

Rusty Movements Wall Clock
Great steampunk style wall decoration.

Steampunk Heart Wall Clock Gears

 heart and arrow-shaped wall clock features a cool bronze and brick red Steampunk design. Featuring industrial steam pipes, bolts and gears, the clock is hand-painted, and given a distressed, aged finish.

Rustic Copper Metal Water Pipe Pendant Light Max

Keys Steampunk Stone Copper Patina Light Switch Cover

Stone Textured, feels similar to sandstone or Aged Copper in color, genuine patina.
Raised/Embossed design.
Includes 2 Screws painted to match (6-32 3/4" Ovalhead). Fits all Standard US light switches.

The Swedish Royal Family Replica Telephone at design toscano

Swedish Royal Family Replica Telephone

Historical replica with full touch-tone features

Enjoy the best of both eras with this lovingly replicated telephone that is stylish and fully compatible with modern touch-tone dialing.

This functional work of art, features elaborate die-cast filigree ornamentation, push-button dialing, volume controls, and clear electronic ring.

steampunk time traveller

For an authentic feel, buy fake steampunk weapons and mount them on the wall.

Make sure you have a bookcase filled with books.

Hardcover, if you can.

Find, or buy, some old world wall maps to definitely complete the scene!

Globes and old clocks work as well. Think of themes like "punked gothic", "sky pirate" and "time traveller" - most of them are steampunk.

Other steampunk decorations to accent with: leather steamer trunks, old-fashioned globe, ornate mirrors, sextants and compasses, binoculars, gramophone, tri-pod cameras,

Steampunk home lighting ideas, industrial yet modern.

Jamie Young Steam Punk Floor Lamp


Industrial yet completely modern, Jamie Young offers up a trend-setting floor lamp for home or office.

Inspired by the popular steampunk style, this striking floor lamp from the Gun Metal Collection features a whimsical shape and an industrial fantasy design.

Iron Arrow Decorative Steampunk Globe

Minka Aire Gyro Belcaro Walnut Ceiling Fan

Metal Rustic Industrial Gear Candle Holders

Steampunk Watch Gears Costume Rings

Steampunk Watch Gears Costume Ring, Jules Verne era with neo-Victorian Industrial in the Steamworks Steampunk antique style.

The intricate design of this costume jewelry piece will allow you to make a whimsical fashion statement.

Steampunk Skull Containment Vessel

Celebrate the adventurous spirit of the age of Steampunk with our industrial age skeleton containment vessel that flips its Victorian skull lid to hold your vintage treasures! Fraught with a drill chuck, steam valve and intertwined gears, boasts a faux oxidized brass finish for true authenticity.

Steampunk wall murals

Steampunk Throw Pillows

Steampunk rusted metal cogs cushion / pillow .. perfect for bedrooms or lounges .. throw on your sofa or stack on your bed for a perfect touch to your home decor

Steampunk Throw Pillows

Another Steam punk design by Guilty Pleasures Wonderful rich design of vintage look steampunk art for the steampunk lover.

Slightly Strange Throw Blanket steampunk decor

Slightly Strange Throw Blanket

  • 100% soft, warm polyester fleece
  • Measures 50" x 60"
  • Either one-sided or double-sided printing; double-sided blanket will have additional views of both 'Front' and 'Back' images.
  • Fabric Weight 300 gsm, product weight 1.2 pounds
  • Machine washable for easy care

Steampunk collage 2 Throw Blanket

Steampunk collage 2 Throw Blanket

 variety of steampunk throw blankets at cafepress

Just a simple steam powered calculator.
Today we use electricity and call them cash registers

Animania in April, 2010

Photos taken by Kris Ezergailis:

Be ready to pilot your zeppelin airship into battle in Steampunk fashion style. Such Steampunk clothes will instantly transform you into a Victorian Steampunk Pirate rebel ready to fly into battle and the Industrial Revolution with Science Fiction elements.

Steampunk Renegade Costume - California Costumes Women's Steampunk Girl Adult - Men's Steampunk Duster Costume - Steampunk General Adult Costume

Put a sexy Steampunk twist on a classic Victorian look  and bring historical science fiction to life

Black Brocade Steampunk corset with faux leather trim, include jacket and belt pouch.

Button-End closure
Fabulously authentic Victorian era styling in soft velvet fabric in deep black or rich burgundy
Adorned with 10 large silver pearly pin buttons. Collared neckline, collar can be worn up or down
Beautiful long narrow sleeves with turn up cavalier style cuffs
Flares from above the waist & ruffle back riding style
Rounded hemline, shorter at the front and long rounded tail back

Metropolis Steampunk Eiffel 5" Pump

Women's Victorian Boot

Pirate costumes, steampunk, Renaissance clothing, Auntie Em... the possibilities are endless when you have a great pair of boots to wear.

These women's Victorian boots have a simple design that will add an authentic look to any historical costume.


Dress Like A Pirate Brand Steampunk Mid-Length "Persephone" Bustle Skirt Khaki/Brown


Simplicity Creative Patterns 1248 Misses' Steampunk Costumes, Size: R5 14-16-18-20-22

Misses' steampunk costume separates mix hardware with Victorian opulence for an edgy costume or every day style. Includes jacket, two bodices and two skirts.

steampunk clothes sewing patterns

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2172: Misses' Costume, Size R5 (14-16-18-20-22)

Misses' Victorian era inspired coat, skirt and bustier sewing pattern.

Simplicity 1819 Misses victorian era steam punk inspired costume sewing pattern includes skirt in two lengths, bolero, top and bustier.

Steampunk Victorian Gentleman's Tailcoat Costume

Feel like a Victorian gentleman in our Gentleman's Tailcoat. It is your quintessential attire for a grand ball. This long coat in black cotton velvet has been lined with satin to give it a truly Victorian feel. The lapels are also of satin. The front has been decorated with six metal buttons and there are two metal buttons at the waist in back.

A dashing vest for any 19th Century gent. This double breasted without sleeve jacket has been made in tussar fabric(polyester/ viscose). The front is designed with an asymmetrical button front and a high collar. The lining is of twill fabric(100% cotton). There is no buckle on the back.

Have you ever wanted to live inside the retro-futuristic world of a Jules Verne novel decorated in surreal, retro industrial, and steam punk elements?

The owner is selling this apartment home — furnishings included—for ONLY $1.75 million.

office steampunk style

Ebay has quite a variety of steampunk home decor - steampunk costumes - steampunk jewelry and more

Want a little more steampunk in your life ..... 
here a few good reading references to get your juices flowing

Enter the astonishing world of 'Steampunk'. It's a glorious paradox of Victorian/Art Nouveau and steam-driven imagery that will make you swoon with delight. A world in which steam power and technology intertwine to create machines that are not only functional and practical, but unique and striking. Creating art based on the never world of Victorian times powered by steam but with our technology. It typically incorporates elements like gears and clockwork, tophats and waist coats, goggles and gas masks, and locomotives and airships.

The Steampunk Bible: An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships, Corsets and Goggles, Mad Scientists, and Strange Literature

Steampunk—a grafting of Victorian aesthetic and punk rock attitude onto various forms of science-fiction culture—is a phenomenon that has come to influence film, literature, art, music, fashion, and more. The Steampunk Bible is the first compendium about the movement, tracing its roots in the works of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells through its most recent expression in movies such as Sherlock Holmes. Its adherents celebrate the inventor as an artist and hero, re-envisioning and crafting retro technologies including antiquated airships and robots. A burgeoning DIY community has brought a distinctive Victorian-fantasy style to their crafts and art. Steampunk evokes a sense of adventure and discovery, and embraces extinct technologies as a way of talking about the future. This ultimate manual will appeal to aficionados and novices alike as author Jeff VanderMeer takes the reader on a wild ride through the clockwork corridors of Steampunk history. 

Steampunk [Paperback]

Replete with whimsical mechanical wonders and charmingly anachronistic settings, this pioneering anthology gathers a brilliant blend of fantastical stories. Steampunk originates in the romantic elegance of the Victorian era and blends in modern scientific advances—synthesizing imaginative technologies such as steam-driven robots, analog supercomputers, and ultramodern dirigibles.  

The Art of Steampunk: Extraordinary Devices and Ingenious Contraptions from the Leading Artists of the Steampunk Movement 

The Art of Steampunk seeks to celebrate the world of Steampunk: a world filled with beauty and innovation. A world in which steam power and technology intertwine to create machines that are not only functional and practical, but unique and striking.

Inside, you will find the fantastical and stunning artwork of Steampunk artists from around the world. The 17 artists featured on these pages, among the frontrunners of the Steampunk genre, have had their work displayed at an exhibition at The Museum of History of Science at the University of Oxford, UK and have attracted the media attention of BoingBoing, one of the world’s largest blogs. Their artwork consists of everything from clocks and watches to light fixtures and jewelry, but every piece demonstrates hours of painstaking work and devotion from its creator. You will find that the artists themselves are just as unique and colorful as their masterpieces. Fully embracing Steampunk ideology, many have adopted a Victorian alter ego—a mad scientist persona to match the complicated intricacies of their artwork.

The Art of Steampunk brings the vision of the Steampunk artist alive on the page, providing a unique insight into the captivating and dynamic world of a vastly underground genre.

Steampunk Creations: Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, and Art

Steampunk is a burgeoning counter-cultural movement; a genre, community, and artform. The Steampunk movement seeks to recapture the spirit of invention, adventure, and craftsmanship reminiscent of early-nineteenth-century industrialization, in part to restore a sense of wonder to a technology-jaded world.

Packed with 1,000 full-color photographs, 1,000 Steampunk Creations features a stunning and mind-boggling showcase of modified technology, art and sculpture, home décor, fashion and haberdashery, jewelry and accessories, and curious weapons, vehicles, and contraptions.

Steampunk Your Wardrobe: Easy Projects to Add Victorian Flair to Everyday Fashions 

Steampunk your Wardrobe offers do it yourself-ers and crafters an easy and comprehensive, step-by-step guide to capturing a steampunk aesthetic in their fashions. Start with simple, easy-to-make projects, such as embellishing clothing you may already have, and proceed to more complicated alterations. Included are projects for steampunk jewelry, accessories, and clothing. 

Steampunk is a unique place where love of gadgets, art, and the nostalgia for the Victorian-era antiques meet. An informative and instructional how-to book that will teach you how to create some relatively simple yet cool gadgets. This is the book you're looking for if you're ready to take that next step into steampunk. If jewelry collage assemblages made with watch parts and sewing miniature top hats isn't doing it for you and you want to go bigger.

The author starts by explaining a bit about steampunk, it's origins and what it is stylistically speaking, and also what it is not. He explains the tools and skills you'll need and how to find some of the tools less expensively . He tells you what tools will be necessary and which tools are wonderful to have if you can find room and afford them. The projects! Starting with the one thing everyone needs, goggles and ending with a cyber arm that looks like it might have come off a cylon if the cylon was built in Victoria's England. They have imagination inspiring names like "Aetheric Ray Deflector Solid Brass Goggles" which can be just a little scary.

If you have ever been curious about making steampunk gear this is THE book for you!

Another fun decorating variant for the Steampunker

Design and create your very own under the sea theme - Steampunk Style! 

Jules Verne Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

The classic tale of Captain Nemo and the submarine the Nautilus

Games room filled with soft cushioned tentacles

The Nautilus from Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea game offices have an attacking octopus couch, a secret lounge hidden behind a bookcase, captain's quarters and a steampunk bike rack, plus a ton of other Victorian details.

Steampunk Nautilus Office Suite

Steampunk under the sea office decorating ideas

steampunk home decorating ideas

home theater Jules Vern's Nautilus submarine steampunk style

for fun Home Theatre decorating ideas 

steampunk home decorating ideas

20,000 leagues under the sea home movie theatre - more pictures here

Nautilus Home Theater - lots more pictures here

steampunk home decorating ideas

has turned his 'Man room' into a replica of a submarine 
 - Nautilus submarine from Jules Vern's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Writing in France in the nineteenth century, Jules Verne was fascinated by adventure and exploration. Collecting "Five Weeks in a Balloon", "Around the World in Eighty Days", "A Journey to the Center of the Earth", "From the Earth to the Moon", "Round the Moon", "Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" and "The Mysterious Island", this omnibus offers a unique compilation of seven of Verne's Voyages, stories in which he extrapolated developing technology and invention into marvelous fiction. This volume offers readers a generous introduction to Jules Verne, whose books are as alive today as they were for readers new to the ideas expressed in them during his time. This edition of the text is exquisitely bound in bonded-leather, with distinctive gilt edging and an attractive silk-ribbon bookmark. Decorative, durable, and collectable, these books offer hours of pleasure to readers young and old and are an indispensable cornerstone for any home library.

Just a little more inspiration to get you going ......

steampunk home decorating ideas

These are not toys! hehehe

steampunk costume  - steampunk style

also visit ....

Industrial style decorating ideas


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