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Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Dream of Jeannie theme bedrooms - Moroccan style decorating - Jeannie bedroom harem style - Arabian Nights theme bedrooms - bed canopy - Moroccan stencils - I dream of Jeannie bottle

I Dream of Jeannie style bedroom decorating ideas

Inside I dream of Jeannie's bottle

Decorate walls with Acrylic gemstones

Jeannie in a bottle Moroccan bedroom style decorating ideas and decor
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Exotic jewel tone colors combined with ornate furniture, vibrant fabrics tasseled canopies adorned with precious stones, and accented with unique decorative accessories to help you create your dream Moroccan fantasy.

A spicy decorating scheme encourages a feel that is warm and eclectic. The mix of jewel tone colors complement and enhance the collection of Moroccan fabrics and accessories.

Moroccan style decorating - Jeannie bedroom harem style - Arabian Nights theme bedrooms

Walk in closet, which was designed to replicate the inside of Jeannie's bottle from "I Dream Of Jeannie".

I Dream Of Jeannie  -  Aladdin theme bedrooms

"I Dream Of Jeannie" -  Aladdin-esk room design has a Bohemian flair with floor cushions, hanging lights - all you need is Aladdin and Jasmine flying through the air!

I Dream Of Jeannie  -  Aladdin theme bedrooms

Marrakesh Brass Hand-Embossed Accent Table

Moroccan-inspired table is covered in hand-embossed brass with patterns of an exotic Arabian tapestry. 
Cutouts of traditional Middle Eastern arches speak directly to the table's cultural origins. A handy lower shelf translates functionality beautifully. Quite the conversation piece, this one.

Gold Hanging Lantern

Jewel-encrusted, cast iron lantern evokes a Moroccan bazaar- with a hint of a handcrafted stained glass window thrown in for good measure.

Moroccan  Mirror with Arched Doors

I Dream of Jeannie bedroom decorating ideas

Gem Round Lantern

Set with brilliant colored gems arranged in a fun floral pattern, this handcrafted lantern promises to make a spectacle of itself - in the best possible way. It creates an enchanting ambience with or without a candle.
Blue & Green Gem Lantern

sequin pillows throw pillows fun pillows throw pillows

Tassel Sheer Scoop Valance Curtains

Scoop design is accented with tassel and crystal beading along the bottom. Drapes over your curtain rod

Flower Gem Round Hanging Lantern

Decorated with beautiful jewel-toned beads, our hanging lantern casts colorful shadows on your favorite spaces and instantly brings brilliance to your interior style.

Crystal Floral Sphere Chandelier, Purple Pink

Lisa Argyropoulos New Galaxy Baroque Mirror

Lisa Argyropoulos New Galaxy Baroque Mirror

Purple Curtains

Purple Curtains For Living Room Purple Curtains For Windows Curtains For The Bedroom

Princess Canopy

Princess Canopy with Sequins

Chandelier, Purple

Modern, sleek style Geometric Moroccan design Powder-coated finish

Moroccan Headboard in Blue Bohemian Bedding Boho Bedding

Faux Crystal Beaded Curtains

These curtains are a perfect additional decoration for your windows decorations, doorways, room divider or closet doors.

Bohemian Crystal Chandelier

Lighting is an artful endeavor, especially in the case of our bejeweled chandelier. Influenced by modern bohemian styling, our gleaming, metallic chandelier features a punched floral pattern and warm amber crystal beads and drops.

Luxury European Western Style Bedding Sets,Purple Queen Comforter Set,Purple Bedding Set,Purple Duvet Cover Set

Genie Lamp Pewter Collectible Incense Cone Burner Aromatherapy

Pet Tent Small Dog Bed - Posh & Pink

This tent is made of pink micro suede and features a sassy pink and brown feather boa as its trim. 
Accessories include a chocolate brown natural wood spire adorned with Genuine Swarovski crystals and a brown cushion filled with anti-allergic fiber and covered with a washable faux wool fabric. 
Being raised off the floor it protects your pet from cold and heat.

Genie in a Bottle Decorating Ideas

Diamond Damask wallpaper mural at murals your way

Moroccan Table Lamps

THE ART IN THE MAKING: The making of mosaic dates back to 6.000 years before in Anatolia land in Turkey.

Turkish Mosaic Lamp
Now becoming an authentic decorative subject, also being called Moroccan lanterns as well as Turkish lamps, this stylish mosaic lamps have been a lighting material in most of the homes for centuries.

Turkish Mosaic Hanging Lamps

This mosaic table lamp will bring your room the flairs of the orient.

The room will be filled with the colors from the fairy tales of One Thousand and One Nights.

Even unlit this crafted work of art, the Moroccan lantern brings an eye-catching attraction to the room.

Being made of high quality metal with gold coloring and extra fine cut of colored glass by expert craftsmanship, the mosaic lamp will last for generations.

The brass (metal) parts will not go black by oxidizing.

Colored glasses are used in the making for preventing fading or scratching.

Classical Drop light Restoring Ancient Ways Antique Brass Spray Lacquer Glass Metal

Flush Mount 1 Light Classical Droplight Restoring Ancient Ways Antique Brass Spray Lacquer Glass Metal

I Dream of Jeannie bedroom decorating ideas - Moroccan style furniture

Iridescent Chiffon Decorating Fabrics at shindigz

The metal Magic Lamp Centerpiece is 12 inches long and 8 inches high and will make a great table decoration for your Arabian theme.

Embellish the magic lamp with colorful rhinestones to dress it up, and use a battery candle to avoid lamp to overheat and wax spillage from real candles

harem style bedroom decor

Princess Bed Canopy Mosquito Nets

decorative canopys to hang over your bed

Bring Moroccan style into any project

with these popular Moroccan design stencils. You can add a stylish all-over pattern to any room, design project or diy project. Try stenciling on Furniture, lamp shades, fabric, walls, floors.

Quickly and easily create a Moroccan inspired ambiance in your home.

The Rabat stencil is a very traditional Moroccan pattern used in modern household decor. You can add a stylish element to any room,

Moroccan Wall Painting Stencil.

Make a stunning accent on a boring empty wall 

Moroccan bedroom exotic style decorating

Design a Moroccan-Inspired Bedroom

This picture is an example of an I Dream of Jeannie type room, mixed with an exotic Moroccan and Indian style.

It's the perfect room for those fans of I Dream of Jeannie, and those who love the Indian style of decorating.

Can't you almost hear the enchanting music ringing throughout the room?

I dream of Jeannie theme decorating ideas here

Arabian party supplies to transform any wedding, corporate event, birthday, reception, or dance into a magical night in the Middle East. Add a bit of whimsy to your Arabian party with our flying carpet prop hanging from the ceiling!

Passage to Paradise Party Decorating Kit at Shindigz Party Store

Use the Arabian Nights Archway to create your own Arabian getaway.

Each black wire Egyptian arch measures 13 1/2 feet high x 5 feet 8 inches long x 2 feet wide.

The Arabian Nights Archway is accented by 150 clear twinkle lights.

Assembly required.

This Passage to Paradise Kit will transform your venue into an Indian wonderland of beauty! Each kit features a belly dancer, camel and more! This Passage to Paradise Kit includes:
  • 1 - Taj Mahal Arch
  • 2 - Taj Mahal Columns
  • 1 - India Camel Standee
  • 1 - India Belly Dancer
  • 1 - Taj Mahal Wall
  • 1 - Purple Holographic Sequin Column
  • 1 - Light Blue Holographic Sequin Column
  • 2 - Metal Enchantment Lamps
Taj Mahal Arch
This Taj Mahal Arch measures 10 feet high x 6 feet 4 inches wide and is printed on cardboard. Easy assembly.
Taj Mahal Columns
Two - 9 feet high x 1 foot 6 inch wide cardboard columns are included in this Passage to Paradise Kit. Easy assembly.
India Camel Standee
Our cardboard India Camel Standee measures 6 feet high x 4 feet 10 inches wide. The camel is self standing and printed on one side. Easy assembly.
India Belly Dancer
Complete your Indian look with a 6 feet high x 2 feet 7 inch wide printed cardboard standee of a Belly Dancer. Easy assembly.
Taj Mahal Wall
This amazing Taj Mahal Wall measures 3 feet 10 inches high x 7 feet 4 inches wide and is a free-standing cardboard background that is printed on one side only. Easy assembly.
8 foot Holographic Sequin Metal Columns
You will receive two - 8 foot high columns that feature a holographic sequin covers in both purple and light blue. The fabric slips easily slips over the aluminum frame. Easy assembly.
Metal Enchantment Lamps
Two - 4 feet 10 inch high x 1 foot 2 inch wide black swirled lanterns will give your Indian event the finishing touch that it needs. One - 3 inch pillar candle will fit perfectly inside. Easy assembly.

Too Beautiful To Hide Water Bottle at gener8

With its soft skin and unique aesthetics, the Too Beautiful To Hide Hot Water Bottle lives up to its name.

Moroccan Arabian nights theme bedroom decorating ideas - harem style

I Dream of Jeannie theme bedrooms - Moroccan style decorating - Jeannie bedroom harem style - Arabian Nights theme bedrooms - bed canopy - Moroccan stencils - I dream of Jeannie bottle

I dream of Jeannie bottles - variety of them - click here to get to them

I dream of Jeannie bottles-fun decorations-I dream of Jeannie bottles-fun decorations

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