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Planets and outer space travel decorating ideas

Jump on board your spaceship and explore the universe filled with

rockets, planets, galaxies, moon and stars 

Create an Outer Space Themed Bedroom

Decorate your space themed bedroom or space station with
space theme furniture, planet print bedding, space rugs, outer space wall murals mixed with outer space wall decal stickers for your future astronaut! 

You are a Astronaut wall mural

Put the face of YOUR CHILD on an Astronaut wall mural.

Let them dream big... 
Size: 4.5ft W x 3ft H.

Pattern number: KP1305PM

Inflatable Solar System

Astronaut Space Man  Wall Sticker Decal 

Astronaut Space Man Boys Bedroom Wall Sticker Decal Kids Decoration Space Bedding

Space Bedding

Cosmos Bedding at the land of nod
 Get ready to explore deep space with this galaxy bedding set. The grey quilt features printed and embroidered space-themed elements, while the coordinating sham rounds out the look. 

galaxy bedding

astronaut pillow

astronaut pillow at the land of nod

Get ready to explore deep space with this galaxy bedding set.

alien throw pillow at the land of nod

 the grey quilt features printed and embroidered space-themed elements, while the coordinating sham rounds out the look.

Solar System bedding at the land of nod

solar system bedroom

Solar System Applique Embroidery 4-Piece Cotton Kids Duvet Cover Sets

 Blast off into sweet dreams!

Vito Black Laminate Twin Bookcase Headboard

Give your child storage space for books and treasures with this rocket-themed headboard. Self-sticking vinyl decals create the details of the rocket, with an easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove design that won't damage the headboard.

 Fly to the moon!

Enjoy the beauty and wonder of the night sky filled with stars and planets. Whether you want to gaze at calming views of distant constellations or experience the rush of a shuttle launch up close, outer space themed wall murals are a great way to transform bare walls into breathtaking view.
Visit Murals your way for space and astronomy wall murals

solar-system wall murals for space theme bedrooms

Spaceship Kids Wall Bed - at ababy Moon & Stars Theme section

Explore the Galaxies!
Your little space explorer will be thrilled with this super fun and out of this world bed. While the mattress is lowered, the spaceship is in sleep mode, giving your child a comfortable environment for exciting dreams. Raising the mattress for daytime play or space constraints, is quick and easy with fingertip control . Perfect for bedtime reading, the bed features paper thin electroluminescent light panels that are cool to the touch. This bed is handcrafted using only quality material and is designed to trigger your child's imagination.

Inflatable Solar System

Create an out-of-this-world playroom or bedroom with this unique solar system set. Each full-color component inflates easily, turning any room into a space-age experience. Set includes 23" diameter sun, 8 proportionally sized planets with hanging hooks, Pluto, Earth’s moon, convenient foot pump, Activity Guide and repair kit.

Alien Switch Plate

Take a trip to outer space with this massive 7 panel space themed photomural. The Earth, the Moon and the Milky Way are all in sight in this visually stunning rendering of the cosmos

 space and astronomy wall murals at murals your way

Based on the 1950's Sputnik satellite design. Can be used as a hardwired pendant or as a portable pendant

 If you see mysterious lights in the sky, it probably isn't our Non-Flying Saucer. Because, while it may not be fit for flight, it does have all the classic UFO essentials, like a control center, removable windshield, gas cap and more.

Non-Flying Saucer

Outer Space bedroom furniture

space and astronomy wall murals at murals your way

For the astronaut at heart...
Distinctive hand painted, solid-cast ceramic for long lasting wear

2 Astronauts (about 15.5" by 18.3"), rocket (24.8" by 10.4"), small planet (8.7" in diam), half-moon with alien (36.85" by 23.2"), large rocket (51.5" by 20.8"), Med. planet (13.6" diam), large planet (28.3" by 14.8"), sun (20.6" by 20.7"), Earth (15.2 diam), Space Ship (17.5" by 8.9")

Solar System Rocket to Space Astronaut Room Decor - Spaceship Cardboard Stand In


Space Explorer Wall Decal Set - Space Wall Decal by Chromantics

Space Explorer Wall Decal Set is perfect for any Little Astronaut.

Did you ever wonder how much you'd weigh on the moon? Jupiter? Mars? Step onto the Talking Planetary Mat and find out. A completely interactive way to demonstrate the changing forces of gravity on the different planets, this mat features all 8 planets and the moon, as well as fun facts and quiz questions to help kids understand gravity, weight, mass and basic astronomy. Includes 45" round galactic planet mat printed with 9 celestial bodies, scale that calculates your weight in lbs. or kilos (up to 300 lbs.) on all planets and the moon, 40 fun planetary facts, 2 modes of play (Fact & Game) and 12-page guide with activity ideas Demonstrates the concepts of gravity, mass and weight.

Roboshelf Bookcase

Deep in the laboratories of Nod, our resident scientist created a robot shelf capable of amazing things. Our exclusive Roboshelf has been programmed to hold your kids books and games, or even to display toys and knickknacks. We tried to program it to clean your kids' rooms for you, but we blew a fuse.

space theme baby nursery decorating ideas

Robots - Aliens and Spaceships fill these fun galaxy planets and celestial skies

Just peel and stick - make an outer space wall mural in minutes!
To the stars and beyond! These outer space wall stickers...dare I say... are out of this world! Create a  colorful, shimmering space theme bedroom for your science-minded little guy or gal in minutes. The Space Wall Stickers are truly in a class of their own. Though flat to the touch, they look as if they sparkle and have texture. Just peel and stick and you'll have an instant kid's space wall mural any child would love.  In this fantastic space theme sticker kit you'll receive 71 fabric wall stickers including: 5 large planet wall stickers (planet S, planet R, planet E, planet C, planet X and Earth), alliance short range exploration ship wall sticker, plaxen flying saucer wall decal, giant red sun wall sticker, rouge robot wall decal, alliance astronaut wall sticker, znar alien wall sticker, alliance rover wall decal, alliance satellite wall sticker, alliance space station wall sticker, znar ship wall sticker, comet wall sticker, 5 spiraling galaxy wall stickers and 50 twinkling star wall decals. This imaginative children's space wall mural is ideal for playrooms, day cares, classrooms, boys rooms, girls rooms, baby room, pediatric offices and more.

Note! These are NOT stickers or decals! They are stencils for painting your own wall mural.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...Blastoff!
Your little boy's adventurous mind and real imagination might actually take him up into outer space as he sleeps on this extraordinary Space Shuttle Bunk Bed. This unique bed is a sturdy and spectacular space saving solution for your children who love adventure. Just try and consider your child's delight as he enters the cockpit through the side door or climbs up to the cargo bay with the attached ladder. Included in this custom crafted bed is an attached ladder, a bench seat for two in the shuttle's cockpit, and an optional accessory bookcase. Just right for your astronaut to be!!

Space Shuttle Dresser

Kids climb aboard our Space Shuttle Cockpit Play Center and blast-off to imaginary worlds of adventure!

Offered separately from its matching bunk beds "payload bay",  Space Shuttle Dresser is as functional as it is impressive!

 Dimensions: 84" tall by 59" wide by 18" deep Includes 5 drawers, open storage area above drawers and nose cone storage.

Astronaut Nasa Space Wall Sticker Bedroom Decal Kids Playroom Decoration

Let your child's imagination go wild with the outer space themed bedrooms

space and astronomy wall murals at murals your way

variety of  3d bedding - Galaxy bedding -  at bedding inn

Spaceship Control Window Wall Deca

astronomically out of this world space themed bedroom

Bring the adventures from the Star Wars saga
 into your home 
click here

Star Wars bedrooms

Many boys go through a period of time where they love everything that has to do with the stars, the moon and outer space.

Set the outer space theme perfectly in his room with an outer space wall mural. Consider covering the ceiling with a star or nebula wall mural, encouraging your son’s imagination while he lies back on his bed and stares up at the ceiling. Or hang a wall mural image of an inter-galactic planet with a space ship in the foreground on the wall behind his bed, giving him plenty of dreams about exploring the big unknown. This would be especially good if he’s a big Star Wars or Star Trek fan.

visit Murals your way for a variety of space themed wall murals

Young boys love adventure, which is the theme of the Space Odyssey film. And while most boys won’t have the opportunity to venture into space, with the perfect space-themed wall mural in his bedroom, he will be able to imagine endless adventures and dream about the futuristic journeys he could take skipping from planet to planet in outer space.

Take the space décor one step further by designing a “window” in the room. Instead of cutting a hole in the wall for an actual window, hang a wall mural of a peep view looking into a shuttle cockpit – which shows off all the dials, lights, switches and buttons the astronauts will need to control during liftoff and the flight into space.

Once you have the wall mural installed, enhance the room’s décor with plenty of other space-themed accessories. Bedsheets and blankets, glow-in-the dark stickers, pillows in the shape of the moon or stars – the list is endless for ideas to make the entire bedroom come together.

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